I hit him in the face


So I've been seeing this guy for a bit and last night he slept over for the first time. We woke up early before he had to leave for work and he was so cute and cuddly. I was getting dressed and he sat on the edge of my bed and grabbed my leg and kind of hugged it. As I was putting my arm through my sleeve, he lifted his head up and I accidentally punched him in the nose. I felt so bad I wanted to cry. His nose started bleeding and he just kept saying "it's okay, it's okay" and I kept apologizing and hugging him. I'm so embarrassed, that was so not supposed to happen. He made a joke about never coming over again if I'm going to be so aggressive in the mornings and we laughed. I think I'm good and he actually thinks it's okay. I don't think he'd stop talking to me or anything because of this. But man, how humiliating.

Update: He thinks its funny. I feel better