Maybe TMI 🤷🏾‍♀️

So I just recently got on birth control a couple of weeks ago and that got my boyfriend really excited😜.(like really excited🙃) and he for permission if he can cum inside me ( Maybe This is TMI, Well your Still here Might as Well Finish🤔) I said yes because that’s one of the reasons why I got on the pill so he can take the pressure of not making it out his mind and we would connect better❤️. So I went over to his house to sleepover and when ever we are around each other we just get automatically turn on😈 and I’m most likely the one who starts it😋

I kiss on his neck, play with hair, look in his eyes and grab on his Di...... (but That’s besides the point I’m get of track here😌) so I slept over and were in the bed kissing😘, you know I’m naked he’s naked. (And his friend’s hard.... I’m sorry) we start having sex and this boy was blowing my back out 😍😘 he was hitting every spot right, taking it out, change positions then putting it back in (omg I’m having flashback) he was doing work, pulling my hair slapping ass everything, new moves were implemented. (I don’t even think I gave him head🤭) then he starts to cum inside me. And I know he is because he hugging me for dear life. He lay down next hugging me close and we fell asleep 😴.

Now the next few days were a little off to me. My vagina had a smell to it, and my discharge was thicker, and I had never had this happen to me before it didn’t itch it just had a smell🤭. And my Coochie never smells like anything other than a vagina. So I started thinking maybe I’m dehydrated ( you know cause that’s a thing) I started drinking more water and cranberry juice 🥤 and I thought it was starting to work. My boyfriend ask me to come over again and I did. I was wearing this cute little set and he was enticed. And start going crazy on me like the night before. Just went down and started cleaning his plate ( it was literally the best head I ever gotten 😿😿) then he lay me down and started Fucking the Shit outta me 🤯 then he pulled me up to give me back shot and it felt so good until I smelled this smell and yes it was my vagina.( Omg I was horrified, bae was eating the kitty for like 15 mins it could have smell bad, Right 🤒) fast forward he open up the window and I felt horrible. But he didn’t say anything. He just got in the bed, pull me close and fell asleep. In the morning he brought me McDonald’s 💍and started driving to my job to take me to work. He ask me how was the head. I said yes ( but in a sad way because I was upset with myself from last night. I ask him how it taste and he said like water and immediately catch an attitude, Why Was he Lying. And I realize that he thought I didn’t enjoy the sex which was faaaaaaaarrrrrrrr from the truth. I just couldn’t figure out why I smell like this and then it dawn on me. I went to sleep the first night he came in me. I never went to the bathroom to clean up after. I just slept with it inside and that cause my Ph balance to be thrown off. Which is easy to fix but not this this tense feeling in our relationship. (And I don’t like it, he is my baby I can’t for him soooooo) How can I tell him this? ( maybe I send this to him and see why he says you dear me)