My Rainbow Baby!


In October of 2016, I had my first miscarriage just four days after I found out I was pregnant. I was devastated. It took my body until January to regulate and have a period again. I was put on clomid for 6 months, and finally got pregnant in September of 2017! Unfortunately, I had my second miscarriage within days of finding out I was pregnant. December of 2017 I waited to test until I was 2 weeks late, and found out I was pregnant again! I started spotting, and went right in to my doctor, but when they did the ultrasound, they did not see anything, and my HCG levels were declining.

My doctor referred me to a reproductive endocrinologist, since I’m only 24 and I had 3 miscarriages in a row. When I met with the specialist they did blood work, and checked my HCG levels since I was a week late. I got the phone call while in a restaurant that not only was I pregnant, but my HCG levels were in the 3,000’s! After getting my levels checked 2 more times, at 7,000+ and 20,000+! They scheduled an ultrasound for February 1st.

Here is my rainbow baby!! Measuring 6 weeks 1 day. I’ve never been more thankful! Praying that this little one keeps growing and goes full term!