mind ur own business!

So I am angry ok.

Over the last few months I have altered my diet. Making better decisions and reducing my portion sizes.

I wasn’t obese, but I was unhappy. I didn’t feel confident. My face was large and my arms were puffy.

After a change in such lifestyle, I feel so much better. I am confident, I wear things I never thought I could, and I have more energy.

But what I have noticed is people LOVE to tell me their opinion on my weight.

Not a day will go by without someone having to say,

“Are you like,anorexic?”

“Please don’t loose anymore weight”

“You’re way too skinny”

“You’re just skin and bones”

“Eat more”

“Look after yourself more”

I suppose it is nice to have people looking out for me if I have a problem.

But I don’t!! Have!! A problem!!

Seriously. I don’t limit myself. I will have treats often. I don’t stick my fingers down my throat.

If the tables were turned I and I was maybe getting a little too heavy, NO ONE WPULD SAY A THING. Because it’s taboo, and ‘none of my business’.

So tell me ladies, why is it okay to only mention someone’s weight when you think they are anorexic?