Am I, or aren’t I?

So... I’m ten days late. I’m VERY regular. I know exactly when I’m supposed to get my period every 25 days, but I also took three pregnancy tests, all with negative results. I though I was getting my period— cramps, aches, hunger, but Aunt Flow hasn’t shown up yet. I’m also feeling super bloated; no joke, I feel like if I don’t suck in my stomach, I could LOOK pregnant! A week ago, I had a couple of spells of dizziness— just random, out of the blue dizzy spells. In the mornings, driving to work and sometimes just randomly, I get spells of nausea— no vomiting. Just that watery mouth feeling, like I could vomit. I have weird back pain, just kinda dull and aches, but pretty constant. I feel a bit constipated and bloated but I can’t seem to feel comfortable. And I have these weird cramping feelings in my uterus, I swear!

Am I going nuts, or could I actually be pregnant? I hope I am, but I’m too nervous, scared, emotional to even rest. My body feels so uncomfortable to me right now, like I really think I might be... has anyone experienced this before?

I’m going to get my blood pregnancy test done this week...but I’m so scared, either way, of the results!

Anyone have any similar symptoms, pregnancy related or not?