Tired of being viewed as a sex object by family members...


I am so fucking sick and tired of being viewed by boys/men of any and every age like a piece of meat for them to grope and try and stick their dick in.

I am on the verge of crying, I'm so fucking frustrated and I feel hopeless.

I'm a 16 year old girl, and I'm fucking sick of this shit, I really am.

my brother has sexually assaulted me twice when I was asleep (back when I was in middle school).

I have to wear a bra at the house, even at night time when I sleep ( even though I have the SMALLEST A cup boobs) because my dad always stares at my chest and also my ass. Thats my dad's "thing" is seeing boobs under a shirt without a bra, he watched multiple videos about it on the family computer in the office and forgot to clear his history.

my cousin on my dad's side has been harassing me about having sex with him (fucking disgusting, I feel disgusted), and when I said no he goes on and talks about how jealous he is of guys that have had sex with me ( he thinks I'm not a virgin, even though I am), and then asked me after I said no if he "could get just a little ass rub or a dry hump".

This guy named Andrew from my english class started a DM on Instagram with Jacob (we're a group of 3 in english and we sit at a group table) in which they talked about how I looked and that Andrew thought my "pussy would smell like a bakery".

On top of that, my autistic cousin on my mom's side of the family (he's 12) always grabs my ass when I'm at his house and he thinks its so fucking funny and I swear to you I could cry to you right now with how fucking sick I feel thinking about it, and how vulnerable I feel when it happens. I've repeatedly smacked the shit out of his hand too when he does it and I catch him before he runs off. He also puts his hands near my vagina when he lays near me, like on my upper thigh or quickly grazes over it with his hand. And then when he hugs me some times he will squeeze my boobs and then run off. Oh, and to top that off, he recently started jerking off and he does it in the room that i'm in. he puts his hand in his pants, and I can hear every. single. fucking. noise he makes and it makes me want to fucking shoot myself in the face.

Overall, I'm really fucking tired of it and I know it's never going to end and It honestly makes me consider suicide.


Sorry for the rant, but I can't just tell anybody in person and then carry on like I didn't just drop that bomb.