Almost 10 weeks, all day sickness, sex is far from my mind.


Am I the only person here entirely exhausted from being sick 24/7, Like I can lay in bed all day and still be tired. We have three children already 10,8, and 3. I’m throwing up with this pregnancy and it’s horrible , I feel like I have a stomach bug 24/7 and my husband wants sex, alll the time , sometimes even twice a day. I can’t take it ! I know I should be happy he is attracted to me , but it has nothing to do with that. I feel sick to my stomach constantly and that interferes with wanting to be sexual or be in the mood 🙁🙈. I try to explain this but he just says ok I understand , can I at least try to get you in the mood later? Im frustrated .I’ll take any and all advice .❤️