14 month old throws fit when she wants something

I totally understand that she can’t talk so her only form of communicating when she wants something is to whine or throw a fit...but she does this ALL. THE. TIME. And it’s very annoying.

So I’ve tried teaching her to say “pa pa” (leading to “please” when she can talk) to give her a proper and calm alternative to expressing what she needs. She’s done it before so I know she’s capable but she just gets so frustrated when she wants something that she refuses to say “pa pa” and then screams.

It embarrassing when we’re out in public too because I feel like I have no control. She’s a very strong willed child. Nothing like myself, I always just did what I was told as a child so admittedly, I’m a little intimidated and not sure how to handle my own child.

Any helpful advice/appropriate 14 month old disciplinary tips would be awesome! I’m aware you can only “discipline” a 14 month old so much as they’re too young for time-outs or hard spankings, but she’s very smart and very much understands how she should and shouldn’t behave.