🚫Fiancée Not interested in sex? Help 🚫


Ok so this is hard for me to talk about with close friends or family because I don’t want my relationship judged. My fiancée and I have been together for a year and 1/2, we don’t have children and have lived together for 10 months. My sex drive is higher than his and I find we go 2 weeks without sex and he could care less. On his behalf he works 13 hour days and is overweight so I understand he is tired and doesn’t feel good about himself. He used to come on to me like kiss my neck, whisper in my ear (that’s something I love) but lately there’s no sexual stuff. Yes he grabs my ass and boobs all the time and is very affectionate with kisses and hugs and telling me how gorgeous I am and that I adores me and loves me more than anything. BUT I want sex! I want crazy passionate sex with making out and all the jazz! I’m not it has to be exciting all the time but I need sex more than twice a month. We’ve had this discussion numerous times and he always says he’s tired...or he will take care of it...he will work harder. I’m at a loss. I want to marry this man and I want to fix this. I’m not giving up but I feel alone