My MIL has pushed me over edge!!!!

Madison • Wife and Mother to a house full of monsters 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️

So my DH and I are at dinner with my MIL tonight and she told my hubby that his aunt messaged her and said “wow, John has gained some weight. Tell him I said hi!” And I was like “wow, what a bitch! Who says that?!” And we all started laughing! Then my hubby goes “damn Maddy you’ve put on some weight in the last 9 months what happened?! You let yourself go!” Of course very joking. I started laughing and I said “I know, not sure what happened but I’m gonna try and get back down there in a few weeks” (I’m 37&4 today)

Later we are talking and my MIL goes “how much have you put on?”

Me: 26 lbs

Her: oh, they say you always gain way more then you should during your first pregnancy so you’ll be fine

Me: oh, well my doc said I’m right where I should be but thanks for saying Ive gained too much!

Her: well when you’re having a girl you get way bigger too.

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! Like are you joking right now?! Then she realizes I’m getting offended and goes “I didn’t mean it like that”

No. Just. Go!

That pushed me to my whits end. What is up with people and not knowing when to shut their damn mouths?! Like. You realize I am a human. I have feelings too. I don’t walk around calling you a whale even though I think it!