Kinda pissed tf off

Kinda pissed I'm over reacting I think but my hormones are getting to me as of lately cuss of af showing up on the 4th

But reason I'm so pissed off don't get me wrong I love my husband very much

But when you are an hour away and are living there atleast make a fucking effort to talk to me throughout the week cuss you haven't started your job yet instead of fucking partying and ignoring me till 2 days before you come over

I love my husband very much he has helped me through a lot ..depression,self harming self esteem issues due to things that happened when i was 16 and has respected the fact I don't want his exes contacting him unless it's regarding the two kids who are like siblings to him

but what really gets to me is how much you claim to love me but can go days without talking to me it hurts and pisses me off