So I went to the doctor yesterday because I had shortness of breath and difficulty eating.

Turns out it’s just acid reflux.. I am

25 weeks and five days now.

So I saw someone that wasn’t my normal midwife. /OBGYN

And she wanted to check the babies heart rate.

And as she was about to put the machine on my stomach she said well let’s see how “ she’s” doing....

I looked at her funny.. Then She was just like “oh you don’t know what you’re having yet?”

and I was like no we’re having a gender reveal party at the end of March..

so I accidentally four out the gender of our baby!! Is a GIRL!! 💕

When I saw my husband that night I had to tell him that I know the gender, because I couldn’t keep it to myself for the next month and a half.

I would’ve accidentally blurted it out in the middle of a sentence or something.. I was kind of disappointed about the way that I found out.. but extremely happy at the same time..