. . . But you're saying I cheated .

okay so this is something I really need to get off my chest . So some months ago . . . actually almost a year ago . will be a year in March. I had this guy that was falling for me . or so I though. I would go to an alternative school because I would get panic attacks in a traditional school . So this guys gets to the school because he got in a fight or something like that . I was 18 at the time and he was 16 . I know right . . . What was I thinking ?? I also had this teacher that was all against this relationship . I thought this kid really wanted something with me . He would follow me around the school like a lost puppy and would try to skip his classes to he I'm mine . note this school didnt have but 8 classes and a cafeteria and library. So everywhere I was he was. He looked like he was in love . He never wanted to leave me . also I had this ex that I couldn't really get out of my life. he was my best friend. And I know that I shouldn't be friends with my ex but him and I had gone through some things. problem with the guy I was dating was that he couldn't drive when he didn't work so his phone was never cut on . And one day his phone just shut off completely. I gave him one of my old phones so we could talk . No biggie. well 3 months pass and it's summer. I went to the beach because one year before I had planed to g o with my ex and we had paid for everything. I wasn't gonna let my money go down the drain like that. so I go mot telling my boyfriend who I was going with. me feeling so guilty I call him and let him know. He gets super pissed . He calls me a hoe and a whore And all other types of names. well I don't have fun at all on my trip . don't even get to spend the night at this niceb hotel . btw. . . My ex and I had separate rooms . well I go back home this 4 hour drive just because I didt feel like it was fair to my boyfriend. well he breaks up with me otw home and I'm super upset . I go to his house and try to talk to him. He forgives me and this and that. A week later he gets super drunk and doesn't talk to me all night . So I call him the next morning and see wg are wrong. he is still hurt i went to the beach with my ex . I apologize and that's that. then I invite him the the pool . we go and he doesn't wanna go in . do want take his shirt off . I get really upset then he finally tak as hi s shirt off. I see a hickey on this guys neck . I ask him what it is and he tells me he got drunk and cheated . ohhh how pissed I was . took the phone I gave him and went to go change . I go through it and I see he has been talking to this girl that lives down the road from him . I see that he has been talking to her 1 week before I went to the beach with my ex . He blames me for the fact that he cheated . He said I was a slut and that i was playing him . I break up with him and 3 days later he gets with the bitch he cheated on me with. it took me 2 months before I got in another relationship and I'm still heart broken . I really loved him . What do you girls think??