Group B1 strep


So I’m 12 weeks pregnant, and yesterday at my consultation after my scan, the consultant said “so you had group b1 strep in your previous pregnancy?” And went on to tell me the risks that adds to this pregnancy and risks to my baby. I said no? I have absolutely no idea what she’s talking about but she went on to say “oh, it was just a urine test”. I was tested for thrush via vaginal swab with my son when I was pregnant, however I was told the results came back with just thrush. Surely if I had something like that I would of had to have been informed right? I was absolutely baffled and my partner looked at me as if I was keeping something from him? I’ve read if you haveGBS you have to be given antibiotics during or after labour, I had none of that, just a normal labour, iron supplements then Home the next morning. Is it worth making an appointment with my GP? The consultant told me not to worry but I can’t help it😣😬


She told me I had GBS in my last pregnancy. I was not informed of this. She then said “oh no sorry that was actually a urine test” I’m not sure where I stand and if I should see my GP