Hopefully this helps...

Rikki • I love Jesus, my husband, my family, & my dogs! Finally pregnant after 5 years of trying!!! 🙏🏼

Long journey short... TTC 3 1/2 years (minus while my husband was deployed). This has been the hardest road of my life trying to get pregnant. I have PCOS, have always been extremely irregular, and have been on 4 different ovulation meds. Never once got a positive test result. I went off the meds while my husband deployed and during that time I also changed my multivitamin. The next month my cycles became almost regular for the first time in my life! It’s now been 8 months of almost consistent periods (only 5 months with my husband home) but I still haven’t gotten pregnant so I bought 100 ovulation tests, 25 pregnancy tests, and some baby making lube. I’m going to really track this month and hope to finally get a positive test!

Has anyone ever used Conceive Plus? Did it help?