We're pregnant! Telling our parents


So I was going on 4 or 5 days late this Friday, Feb 9th, and my husband I decided to test. I did 3 tests at once. They all came back positive before I could even set a timer! This will be our first baby after 3/4 months of trying.

That night we had dinner at his parents like we do every Friday. Well, they already told us we were gonna do Valentine's gifts so I had this great idea to get them a card and surprise them. They had no clue this was coming!!

As soon as my mother- in- law opened her card she started screaming for joy! Like, a lot!! Then my younger sister- in-law started screaming with her. Then we all cried and hugged! They were so surprised and super excited!

We told our church family that Sunday morning and then I posted our announcement on social media that afternoon!