Ultrasound rant


So we just had our ultrasound and found out we are having a boy. Yay! Because I wanted a boy over a girl. Yeah yeah not a modern feminist train of thought but I was a tough teenager and didn’t want to relive that.

Anyway, the baby was super active on the ultrasound so pictures are blurry. I swear when we were watching the tip of baby’s nose turns up slightly, just like mine. I sent a pic to MIL and she said baby looks like father did on ultrasound and texted a picture. Now the picture literally looks like circles and blobs. I can’t make anything out. Also, there is no way to really tell what a baby looks like until they are out.

I know it shouldn’t irk me, but it does. I am carrying the baby. I am bonding with baby as husband stays clueless. He just hasn’t connected and probably wont until he holds baby. He is my baby but let’s only say he looks like his father. Realistically we were more concerned that he has fingers, toes, and a working heart.

It is just frustrating because I feel like I am being taken out of the equation. She sends stuff without asking what I want/need. She makes jokes that hurt more than are funny. And what she is sending is actually not helpful but just “sentimental”. They haven’t offered to buy anything for the nursery or ask what we need.

Bottom line is that I am carrying this baby and I want a say in things. I know this isn’t the most important thing but my feelings are valid, regardless of if it worth being frustrated.