Help weaning toddler

Hi all,

I'm desperately trying to wean my 18 month old .

He doesn't like milk , I've tried it all (chocolate , soy, coconut , almond , strawberry ,chocolate ,formula)

He is a very picky eater and I can't get him to eat more food .

He eats every hour , sometimes two if I'm lucky . He goes all night without food

I read sudafed gradually reduces supply . Would it be a good idea to just get my supply to windle down so he starts eating other stuff ?

I'm a sahm and it's been soooo hard with him . He has been so cranky . I tried to slowly take one feeding out but he just won't have it ..

He is always crying and fussing . I feel so defeated I want to just crawl up and cry .

If anyone successfully weaned a picky stubborn toddler , please help me with as much details as possible because I'm on the verge of breaking down ..

Also if anyone has any pointers on how to discipline a toddler . He is only 18 months old and has been having the worst tantrums for the last 6 months