I can't help but be angry with god

After months of trying to get pregnant I got my bfp that lasted a few short days before I was told I was having a miscarriage. It's been three months since and I'm so sick and tired of hearing people say at least you know you can get pregnant, it just wasn't the right time, stop stressing it will happen again..... I wanted my baby, I loved my baby and my baby was taken from me. This hurts so damn much... the other night I came out and said to my husband I can't help but be angry with god, my baby is gone and I'm doing everything in my power to get pregnant ( multiple ovulation tests, bbt tracking, cm checks, baby aspirin everyday, prenatals, pinapple, maca, cut caffeine, you name it ) and nothings happening.. my husbands response, " you should be happy you he gave you a first "........ I am just so hurt and angry.. I miss my baby 😭😭😭😭