Reality Check


My son is 2 and has a rare blood disorder . Today we went for his monthly blood transfusion. I am 36 weeks 4 days and exhausted. My son decides to be a wild man the whole time we are there attempting to pull out his IV and screaming not letting the nurse take his blood pressure (wich is not like him at all). We are leaving after 4 hours of my 2 year old just being crazy. I am feeling sorry for myself thinking normal parents dont have to do this when a woman is walking behind me talking to another person she says yes my daughter is on the 8th floor (that isnt a good sign) two Christmases ago she was diagnosed with cancer this past christmas she was admitted with stage 4 cancer and next christmas starts remission. I cryed all the way home. my son was wild and crazy jumping on a hospital bed because he has energy and he is healthy and i should be greatful for that. I should be greatful that I get to hold his little hand and walk him out of the hospital. and I shouild have hope like her that there will be a cure for my son . It made me count my blessings and thank god for every one.