Valentine's Date UPDATE 3

So my SO and I have never been o. A date, our schedules are almost opposite so we only see eachother like once a month, if that, and he only lives 15 mins away during the school year. The other day he told me he was going to take me out on Valentine's Day. Now I'm not getting my hope up, because I'm not sure if he can get off work, but, just in case, I was hoping I could get some suggestions on outfits lol


So I realized that he actually might propose to me Valentine's Day. In not getting my hopes up, but he's been dropping A LOT of hints. Now I really need help! Lol


So he does work sadly 😭 but he's gonna stop by before or after to give me something

EDIT: all I got today was a morning nude and "happy Valentine's Day". He kept complimenting how I looked, I dressed up in case I saw him, but we ended fighting because I told him I was sad because I wasn't "alone alone" today but I was still alone. I thought he might've done something for me, but it wasn't his fault cause he has work and class. He goes, get this, we could meet at his car at 10 at night, I. The middle of winter to "do stuff" aka, sex. He's now pissed at me and I with him. He even told me to just end things with him