Parents doesn't know how to react to sexual assualt

I was sexually assualted in a career program when I was 17 and I told everyone this year I was assualted. My parents told me it's my fault that I didn't say anything and I felt depressed because of that and then I attempted to kill myself and my dad said "Do it! I have a place to bury you I didn't raise weak children" My dad is a foriegn man I explained to him "A grown man 6'0 tall and 2x my age with firefighter strength locked me in the room with him if you were me what would you do?" he didn't respond. I told him I was scared and he said "Scared of what? You have nothing to be scared of!" that's not true becauss this man knows where we live. I usually stay home alone or go to a friend's house (Which my parents don't like.)

I'm a petite and 18 I was scared and I don't appreciate the insults my father told me but I love him dearly. I understand he has every right to be upset and I have every right to be depressed but the barrier is too much and to hear repeatedly that I'm "weak" for comptiplating suicide alot and it's my fault he doesn't mean those things but he also doesn't realize the effects. Also how girls face challenges in our sexist society and how I was suppose to defend myself without clearing the shock from my mind. I tried talking to him but it always starts as an argument and it always end with a "It's your fault you should have told sooner." At that time I was more comfortable telling a understanding female and not my dad nor my delusional mother who thinks a threat could have stop that stranger's sexual advancement; I'm like a puppy to that vile man. What should I do? (P.S the police is on the case a bit more and I'm in therapy just my parents don't understand...)