Clarity - how would you feel ?


Would appreciate some different perspectives on how you would feel about this situation. I have been upset/annoyed over it - wondering if i am being a bit dramatical and not thinking clearly ?

So, my partner, father and i were having a chat. My partner was trying to explain something (apparently he was directing this to my father) and i did cut him off i guess to confirm of a certain detail of what this object looked like this to know if i had the right thing. He had barked and said shut the fuck up and let me finish. His a pretty assertive guy my partner and his one of those people where the words are just so aggressive for a woman to hear.

Anyway, once my father left i spoke with him and said basically don’t ever speak to me like that again, maybe find a better way to explain I’m cutting in than just saying shut the fuck up (and in front of my dad). He did apologies and was like wont happen again, and that he was trying to explain something to my father. (I have to add we have had a bit of alcohol too)

Being a woman i wanted to explore this disrespect and i guess it brought up these other instances that id obviously out aside and carried on. We bickered, he figured he had apologised and we moved on. We fought some more, got louder, my dad walked in and i went to walk off and i hear my dad go “she bitching again “ or “whats she botching about ?”

I obviously was angry and yelled at him and he ran away (lol). I normally don’t do this but i was already upset from my partner, now my father is insulting me without consulting ? Or even my partner for further info on what happened. He was just in the right instantly.

I can accept sometimes i am wrong - like any human. And have ppl approach me with this. I would prefer my dad ask what happened, if he agrees with my partner and feels I’m

Being unreasonable- explain why to me ? Being his years my senior and should know better.

Now i feel like something starting small has made me very angry and hurt and I’m not ready to let it go.

Am i being a sook here ? Was this disrespectful ? How would you react to this situation ?