Ex boyfriend wants me out of his life forever now that I'm pregnant!!😒

So me and my now ex boyfriend had been having issues in our relationship when it came to the relationships he had with his bms...He has a home and i have a home but sometimes he would think it was ok to stay the night over his bm house because it was for his "kids" etc. plus he did other things with his kids moms that I just didnt feel were respectful when your in a relationship. So I broke up with him because I couldn't take it anymore. I felt like he was choosing them over me... Anyways he was still calling,texting, telling me he loves me and he's not going anywhere and we will figure things out! Now I just found out I'm pregnant and he doesn't want me in his life anymore and I'm a liar,cheater, the baby is not his etc. I refuse to abort my baby so I told him he's just going to have to deal with it! He is so furious and ive been every name in the book. This is my baby too I wasn't planning on getting pregnant but now that I am it is what it is. But I cant lie it's hard and hurts to watch him act like this towards me and our child!