please help


i know i sound stupid, but i really really hate myself and i want to know how to accept myself for who i am, im currently talking to a boy and im a virgin but im ready to have sex, except for the fact i cant get over the fact how much i hate my body. i just want to know how to love myself, i try so hard but i just cant help but hate myself, everything about me and i can never talk to my friends about it because they just say omg stop or your asking for attention but i really want to know how to get over it nothong works, just a few minutes ago i made myself throw up in the bathroom because im just so disgusted with how i look. i want to be confident im legit in tears writing this. also does anyone have tips on how to get rid of a muffin top because i feel like that will be a start to me being a little more acceptable with my body..