Me and my husband have been TTC for about 2 years now. I finally went to the dr about 4 months ago and was put on clomid and progesterone. I have been taking them and so far no pregnancy, last month the dr told me at my next apt we would try insemination (taking his sperm and placing it with my egg through a small catheter) when we went to our apt my husband could not give a sample, I get it, it does put him under a lot of pressure!! We told the dr that we would try it ourselves this month naturally and if it doesn’t work again we would try again this month. During the following days I tried to get my husband to have sex with me but he always has an excuse.. we had sex one time after that during that ovulation time, and of course.. no pregnancy. Tomorrow is the day we are supposed to go again and, he has told me he won’t be able to take off work to go.. I am crushed.. I know having a baby is just as important to him as it is me, but our sex life since we have been “trying” has become no sex life at all. We were told to start intercourse on the 10th day of my cycle through the 20th every other day only 6 TIMES in total!! I thought it would be a no brainer!! I’m not sure if he is feeling down on himself and thinking us not getting pregnant is his fault and he has pushed him self away from me or what. But I am doing my best to support him and trying to stay positive. But right now I feel hopeless... 😓