So I have a question... Long read ahead! I have endometriosis. I get severe cramps/lower back pain (with burning)/ stomach pain on the day I get my period as well as throwing up till I pass out in a sweat, actually... And At least 1 week or a few days before I start to feel all the pain though just not as bad. Rare occasions I feel really off but only just make it through the day if the tablets I take decide to help. Or it's hospital trips... So I'm feeling it all today though earlier and a bit worse then usual just not at the excruciating part... but I'm Also not even close to my next cycle, still 12 days away. If anyone experiences the same symptoms how do you cope with it? What's helped you through these moments of hell? I should also mention I'm trying to fall pregnant, but of course with my condition it's hard. I don't think I'm pregnant as it doesn't feel like anything unusual in a way but I'm curious as to what your symptoms were to those who have fallen pregnant and how did you know you were? Are the signs obvious or the same as a period? Thanks!

Ps: doctors have been useless on helping with pain relief and are aware im trying on getting pregnant to but said its fine. Everytime I arrive in an ambulance they just drug me up on morphine and send me home and keep saying try to take the tablets earlier to catch it before it starts...total bullshit. So I come here to you lovely ladies. In hope someone experiences what I do and can help a girl out. This town hasn't got the best medical attention. I'm hoping I can find someone who will take my condition serious and help me.