am i being overdramatic? or is my boyfriend actually the worst?

boyfriend and i are long distance at the moment. he won’t be back till the end of this month.

anyways, this is my first serious relationship, while he has had two others before me. also three years apart (19 and 22)

anyways, today (valentine’s day of all days 🙄) we don’t talk much. he was watching movies with his dad, playing video games, and napping all day. he didn’t get me anything (which i don’t care) but he couldn’t even wish me a “happy valentine’s day.”

so, i told him that it makes me upset and we start arguing.

he ends up telling me

“in all honesty i don’t care. i’ve already experienced all this”

basically he doesn’t care about valentine’s day or just generally being romantic because he’s already done it in the past.

is that not wrong? like, i haven’t experienced it and you’re just giving me a bad experience at best. and shouldn’t this be something new? shouldn’t you be experiencing something new?

am i being overdramatic in getting upset?? like