After 6 years I’ve finally realised 💯❤️

Today I FINALLY broke out & broke free !

I’ve been w/ my fiancé for 6 years, throughout the years he’d go out of line here and there. We had our first daughter in 2014 and things were great, until she was about 6 months I caught him sexting, from then on in things spiralled downwards. He said he’ll change & stupid me believed him, things were going great and in 2016 we had our second daughter, it was a chain reaction (yes I should’ve realised the first time) but Atleast I got a double blessing from this mess. 2 years of mistakes & ‘mess ups’ happening on a weekly basis I tried to put on a brave face, not overreact and try make things work because like he said, he was changing. TODAY marks the day of chucking in the towel for 6 year worth of sorry’s, I didn’t mean it, I’m changing, i want this, 20## is my year, it’s a new me hahahaha I finally, finally fucking realise how stupid I’ve been, I’m so disappointed & disgusted in not him but myself for relapsing after every ‘I’m sorry’ but now, this lady is back! Excited for 2018 with my two girls 😀 it took a while, but I’ve finally realised ❤️❤️❤️❤️