Almost giving up!!


Hey guys I always look at post but this is my first time posting I am kinda nervous but just wanted to share so this is my 3ed month trying 50mg clomid yet no sign of ovulation 😫 I almost gave up for a while due to being over stressed because previous doctor had said that there is nothing else she can do other then

<a href="">IVF</a>

i changed doctor not willingly but she was changing offices sure am glad that this had happened because my new doctor said she had mis inform me that’s not the only route that we still have a couple more things to try he will be higher the dose to 100mg next cycle 😁🙏 I was so down until I herd this news today so we have decided to adopt a pair of fur baby’s “bunnys” to help with the sadness and we are picking them up tomorrow is it me or does anyone else hate the fact that we have to go threw this dam roller coaster so unfair oh and by the way happy Valentine’s Day.