High blood pressure


Anyone else have high blood pressure but all other tests come back normal? No protein in the urine, etc. I’m 38w3d and have had high blood pressure since my appt 2 days ago. I spent one night in labor & delivery for monitoring and all labs came back fine, but blood pressure has been consistently in the high 130s over 90s and spiked up to 152/110 a couple times. Baby was fine with a strong heartbeat the whole time I was monitored.

My regular OB is out of town and the on call doc wouldn’t induce because she gave him instructions that she wanted to wait until she was back (not until Monday). I think if I was his patient normally he would have induced yesterday morning (I’m dilated to 5 and 50% effaced). I’m worried that not inducing isn’t in the best interest of me and my baby. Has anyone else had high blood pressure but all other labs ok? What did your OB do?