Heavy bleed but positive tests?


Hello! I have posted daily, so I apologize if you’ve seen me before 🙈

So this is my continuing story... started period on Sunday (one day late for period) after getting a faint positive. It was heavy bleed with cramps for two days. Today is day 5, and have had spotting since day 3 of period.

Here is where it gets confusing.....

I took a test on day 3 to make sure the hormone was out of my system before taking my fertility meds (femara/letrozole). I still had a positive test. In the picture, that test is the top test. Today’s test is the bottom test (day 5). It is getting darker?!?

So.... has anyone had a heavy, period-like bleed and still gone on to have a healthy pregnancy? Or more likely- has anyone had this happen with a molar pregnancy or ectopic? Yes, I have called my doctor and went in for blood test two days ago, but they are really hard to get a hold of. Plus, they just told me over the phone that it sounded like a chemical pregnancy and kind of wrote it off. I will be annoying them later today 😜

Any advice/stories would be appreciated :)

UPDATE: finally got ahold of the doctors office. My blood test from Tuesday (4 weeks + 3 days) was only HCG of 14. They said that is quite low, but I’m going back today to get second blood draw to compare.