False positives... please read!

Hi ladies! I just wanted to share my story about something some of you already know! DO NOT USE BLUE DYE TESTS! Like at all... I had 2 false positives. The line was blue and thin so I thought this was my month. I even took another (of the same test) and it did it again! I always read that indent/evap lines were grey or white. Nope not mine! It was BLUE. So I did some research and found that many woman have had the same thing happen and then not be pregnant. So I waited a couple days and took a First Response Early Result and the results were clear as day... a negative. I’m not pregnant.

Some of you have had luck with blue tests but honestly they are so difficult to read. Stick with pink dye ladies! The dollar store sells pink dye test for $1.00! And they are just as accurate!