Its Different... When its Family.


Well ladies I'm a messy ball of emotions.

My husband and I are TTC our last baby. I am 26, going on 27. I have PCOS and during an ER visit for pain and prolonged (light for 6 weeks) bleeding, I found out my PCOS has gotten twice as bad, and pretty much confirmed I will need a miracle or medical intervention to conceive. Right now I'm still praying. Its been about 2 years since NTNP and 18 months since active.

I had just recently shared this news with my mom, and by the sounds of it she already knew my brothers wonderful news. At the same time I am sharing with my mom my fears of running out of time to have another baby and needing to shell out possibly thousands to make it happen, she was harboring a wonderful secret!

My brother and his SO are having a baby. My younger sister let it slip today, not realizing they wanted to announce, probably something adorable as his SO is a quirky fun and very sweet girl.

Anyway, I'm so happy for him. SO happy for him, and I am thrilled to have a niece or nephew! (I have two nephews from my sister so I am hoping girl!!)

On the other hand, I am CRUSHED, devastated, confused. My heart is being pulled in two very opposite and drastic directions. It hurts seeing friends and women on glow get pregnant while I patiently wait my turn.. but today I've found out its different when it's family.