Is my bubba poorly or teething? Help please !

My baby is 11 weeks and for the past few days he’s been suddenly screaming like he’s in pain for a few seconds and then he stops. He’s normally a really happy baby but he’s seemed quite wingy. He’s been much more sleepy as he doesn’t tend to nap much in the day anymore but he has been for the last 3 days. His temp has been 39.9 - 37.2 but his cheeks have been red and warm on and off. He’s putting his hands in his mouth a lot but to be honest he’s found his hands and has been doing this for a week or so so I don’t know if it’s related or just the fact he’s found he can get them in his mouth 😂 he’s not off his food and is still sleeping through the night.

Do you think it’s his gums? I spoke to my health visitor today and she said it could be but we won’t really know as obviously he can’t tell me what’s wrong 😂 not a lot a doctor can do either as he has no temp etc. Any advice ? What do you think?

Please don’t read and run. Desperate first time mum here!!!!! Xxx