Starting solids

Hi guys!

Just hoping for some advice.. My LO will be starting solids as she’s 4 months old (Severe reflux, Dr recommends starting basics at 4 months).

I understand I’m meant to give foods over a few days to make sure she gets used to the taste and doesn’t have any reactions.. My question is though, I don’t have to constantly introduce a new food do I? If there’s one I know she definitely likes can I repeat it?

I want to be able to plan ahead and freeze some purée so that I just have to thaw it out and serve.

I was thinking of doing this from 4-6 months..

Rice Cereal (first obviously for a few days)

Purée Sweet Potato

Purée Apples

Purée Avocado

Repeating above

Is there anything else I should introduce or will these foods be okay for the first two months? Obviously she will only eat small amounts once per day and then once she’s 6 months I’ll up the anti a bit.

*Please don’t tell me 4 months is too young. I’m not here to be lectured and I know what’s best for her.