I feel disgusted

Is it normal to feel so upset and disgusted after you find out you were used for sex? After finding out somebody really didn't care for you as much as you thought and only used you for your body and their selfish agenda?? I can't even picture myself having sex with anyone anymore because it makes me feel so shitty and worthless. That was something I was sharing because I trusted that person not to take advantage of it and hurt me. I don't play when it comes to my body. How can you fake your intentions for months and then treat me like I was nothing? Then move on so quick to the next(the same day). I hate this feeling. It's starting to make me hate and distrust all men. Has anyone ever felt this bad after? Maybe because I'm so emotional and passionate when it comes to something as intimate as sex. It's just gross to me. I feel terrible. He has tried to contact me but I ignore him.