Advice please girls !?


So basically me and my boyfriend has an argument and decided to have some alone time as we usually see each other every day. On that night I was feeling low and wanted a friend of cheer me up so my friend came round and he ended up kissing me which I 100% didn't want. For that second I got caught up in the moment so kissed back until I realised what I was doing I told him to leave. I ended up telling my boyfriend and he was so pissed off and he doesn't see passed this although I know that I don't have any feelings toward this guy and I didn't want it to happen because I love my boyfriend so much. I thought we would have gotten past this as this happened about a month ago but he's still off with me. I just can't see why he's so upset/annoyed at me. Yes I was in the wrong but on that night I wanted a friend to talk to.

Am I being a dick ? Or is he overreacting ?

Please be honest.

Really need some advice on where to go with this we obviously love each other very much but he's just very hurt from what's happened.