Motivation Needed


Okayyy so I’ve been on some kinda weight loss journey for the past month or so and it’s been going great actually. I’ve already changed my diet and my lifestyle so that it includes healthier foods and more activity.

I haven’t gone all in yet, and probably won’t tbh... like I’m still eating ice cream and I had candy on Valentine’s (which I’m still slowly finishing) but so far I’ve already lost about 10 pounds!

But there’s always been one thing keeping me from reaching my “potential” I guess.. and that’s the motivation part. I go through ups and downs in this which I’m guessing is normal for something like this. I just feel like it would be cool to come on here and get some inspiration, motivation, and tips from the community ❤️✨.

So I guess if anyone else has gone through a weight loss journey I’d like to hear how yours went, any transformations, tips, quotes, answers, anything!

I’ve still got about 15-20 pounds to go until I reach my goal and for the summer and I do have a question tho:

Is it normal for your weight to go up and down throughout the day/week? My weight REAALLY fluctuates through just a day... in the morning I’ll be happy with it but then in the evening when I’m going to bed it’ll be up like 3 or 4 pounds from the morning. Is that normal? It always goes down the next morning so I’m guessing it has to do with food in your stomach.