I don’t love my sons father anymore💔 (Trigger Warning:Domestic Violence)

In December of 2016 I met a guy who just seemed perfect. He made me smile, made me laugh effortlessly and finally made me feel wanted. Fast forward a couple of months and things are still going good, a couple of bumps along the road but good. March 2017 I found out I was pregnant with my beautiful baby boy, I was over the moon

Even though I was a teen mom I knew god had an answer to every question that ran through my mind although I might’ve not understood. A month before I got pregnant things happened and my sons father kissed another girl. I was heartbroken and till this day it still affects me. Throughout my pregnancy I noticed him becoming more and more controlling. I couldn’t post certain pictures. I couldn’t go certain places alone and I would always have my phone checked but I stood because of the good memories and our child’s sake. I thought our child might’ve changed things and him seeing me go through the pain of giving birth would make him treat me better. Well I was wrong, Again. He didn’t have a great relationship with my mom and in the hospital they got into an argument which consisted of him telling my mom that she’s just coming into my life, that I don’t even like her and if she didn’t like things she could easily get the fuck out the room. Well my mom left the hospital crying, and I’ve never felt more guilty. Since then I’ve been told that if I go back to my moms house he’ll take my son. I’ve been told that my son doesn’t deserve a mother like me, and arguments have turned physical. Yesterday I got angry at him and just wanted to be left alone, he came in the room consistently disregarding my wishes and when things weren’t fixed like he wanted them to be, he yanked the blanket off my bed and left. He came back into the room and laid on the bed and called me a hoe and I responded with “Everyone you talked to previously was a hoe so you would know” he then responds and tell me “no des wasn’t a hoe” referring to the girl he kissed. He then proceeds to say “she did a better job than you ever could” and I lost it and slapped him, when I mean that this man raised his hand and slapped me with all his force and proceeded to press his knuckles into my jaw, I couldn’t help but

cry in pain from the way he dug into my jaw through the outside of my cheek. This isn’t the first time he has put his hands on me. He’s broken my phone. Changed my password without telling me the code.

We live together in my dads house. I don’t know whether to wait to see if he’ll change because I loved the person he portrayed himself as. I don’t know whether to stay for my child. I. just. don’t. know