Best Valentines Day Ever ❤️

Danyel • 👭- ig:@pvssyoverdose. Looking for lesbian friends 🙇

So currently I’m dating this wonderful female. She’s awesome. So I was kinda bummed out about not being able to see her for Valentine’s Day. She lives 2-3 hours away and I didn’t want her making the trip because I’d feel bad. Tuesday I come home from work and she calls me and asks what I’m doing. Of course I’m sitting at the table eating away and I tell her I’ll call her back. And then she texts me and asks what I’m doing to see if I’m home. She pulls up in my driveway and I’m so close to crying my eyes out. For Valentine’s Day she got me flowers and black and milds 😂 I decided to wear my babydoll for her. I’ve never worn it but I felt so beautiful 😍