Does anyone have a bf who still talks to his exes?


My bf still talks to a few of his exes and its weird to me. Like, they broke up years ago and just stayed friends. They dont see each other and they dont even talk like everyday (maybe once a week or once every other week) but, its still odd to me. I mean, i trust my bf and ive been with him over a year now, but he once called this girl "the one that got away" and now, even though they dont see each other and only talk once or twice a month, I have that comment in my head... i dont want to sound like a crazy jealous gf or anything, but thats odd to me.

He talks to a couple other exes as well (not often) to catch up and such; even to talk about their current relationships and im sure he probably does the same with this girl to, but its different in my head. I cant twll him not to talk to her or anything, but i dont want to be uncomfortable either...

Does anyone else have this problem?