What do I do

So i’ve lost many relationships this year (it is also my first year of high school so I’m already under a shit ton of stress) but the only one thats stayed is my boyfriend, I’ve lost two of my best friends because I spend to much time with my bf, I’ve tried spending time with them but it’s hard when you also want to hangout with your s/o. Also a person I thought was my friend let’s call her “Diana” is now staring rumors about me, flirting with my bf, and she thinks this is all okay, even though many people have told her it’s not. On the good side of all this drama (that seems to follow me everywhere I go🙄) a friend that I lost to all this drama, we’ve started taking again, and I’m hoping that we can start over because I miss calling her my best friend. So I’m crossing my fingers that everything works out well 🤞

But idk what to do, everywhere I look “Diana” is always there death staring me, like pushing me into shit, and talking to my boyfriend. And I might sound like a jealous gf but idc I don’t want her putting ideas into his head about me.

I’m done ranting now, but I just don’t know how to avoid all this or how to make it stop.