The witching hour

I know this is kinda weird to post on here it’s kinda paranormal but it’s something to talk about (if you dontbelieve in this kinda thing just keep scrolling and leave your negative comments to yourself)

Lately for the past two weeks no matter what time I go to bed I keep waking up at 3am for no reason at all, my grandma was always superstitious so I knew very much about the witching hour and all that, it terrified me. Once I realized it’s 3am i donteven look around my room or take my head from under the covers and try to fall back asleep and not think about it, I sleep alone in a really big room and I don’t wanna look up to see something looking back at me lol. But today my mom was on the phone with my 5 year old baby sister Sonnie, she lives with her dad right now 8 states away... they talked for a lil while and she asked to talk to me and right when I got the phone it died😑😑 I asked my mom if she could help me dye my hair while her phone charges and of course she helped,

we were just talking about whatever while she was doing my hair and I said “you know what’s weird?? I keep waking up at 3:00 always” and she stopped and was like “are you serious?? Tell me your jokin” and I was like “No why???” And she said when she was on the phone with Sonnie she told her somethin“mommy I don’t wanna be up at 3, never ever again, I don’t wannabe outside neither, that’s when I see the spiders and monsters come out, I see dem” and stuff like that, this a 5 year old girl, all she ever talks about is rainbows an shit and I’ve never heard her say anything like that, I’m kinda really creeped out to because I’ve been waking up with spider bites all over my body too.....

This is just something really creepy I needed to share somewhere

Has Anyone else had anything going on kinda weird like this?