I'm shocked

Okay I'm not mad or upset at the moment but I feel like it will sink in later to what happened to me. So last night me and my man had a bet. If he made me cum then I would do anal (I've never came during sex like ever) He loves butt stuff but I'm still new at sex, I can count on my hands the amount of sex I've had in my whole life. And I told him to go easy if it came down to it. But he's said before that he doesn't want to do anything I'm uncomfortable with. And he was being pushy with the anal thing and the bet was his idea and I just agreed to it bc I don't think I can come from vaginal sex anyways. we had normal vaginal sex the first round and he used toys on me. I told him I didn't cum and I was being honest. The second round he used toys on me then switched to his dick. After a few minutes he stuck it in my ass. It did not hurt but it didn't feel good(he has an average size). I was drunk too(not that drunk). He came in my ass and I turn around and say "you fucked me in the ass?!" "yeah I did." (Edit I knew it was in my ass I just said that at the end bc I was like wtf). I said "well I didn't give you permission too and you didn't win the bet, you didn't have consent and I said I wasn't ready for it ,you could've warned me..." etc.And he said "you're making me uncomfortable" while he has a nervous grin on his face. So I think I already know the answer to what I'm thinking but I feel violated and assaulted. this rape? I'm not going to bring it up again to him. We never talked about it again and we both acted normal in the morning. I don't want to end it over this maybe I'm overreacting cuz I hear girls boyfriends trying to be slick and or it in the butt. But I know it doesn't make it right just cuz you're a boyfriend or husband, you still don't cross the other persons boundaries. And I was maybe gonna let him do anal down the road in the future but he didn't give a shit about crossing that line.

Edit: I know you can withdraw consent during sex but the funny thing is we discussed what I was and wasn't okay with beforehand so I don't think he can "forget" or "didn't know"