Ttc for over 7 years


I need to vent a little....It’s been a long seven years trying to have a healthy pregnancy and I’m at the point I just want to give up ... everyone says God doesn’t give me a baby because it’s just not the right time or it just isn’t meant to be. I’m beyond tired of hearing it. I’m so tired of being disappointed EVERY single month when i document and do everything that is suppose to help . I’m so tired of feeling like I’m not good enough to carry a child when I see so many mothers who take it for granted. I hate feeling envious of all my friends beautiful pregnancies and announcements. To add to my distress yesterday marked the one year anniversary of our “miracle pregnancy” that ended as an ectopic pregnancy. It had finally happened for us after 6 years of trying and was taken away just like that. I pray ...I ask for guidance and strength... but feel like I’m doing all for nothing. I knew the one year anniversary of the miscarriage was going to be hard.... but not this hard.