devastated again


2 early miscarriages previously.. was doing fertility treatments. had taken a break for a couple months and i had darkest positive FRER ive ever had last sunday. had HCG done tuesday 88 and Thursday 157. wasnt quite doubled but the nurse said was good for me. started having some light pink to brown spotting on and off and only when i wiped on thursday. continued into Friday with minor pelvic discomfort thought nothing of it.

Saturday i had almost a constant discomfort in my left side and more of a dark red when i wiped now. finally got hubby to take me to ER cuz was getting worried maybe ectopic. had hcg done there dropped to 107 we were devastated and told to come back this morning for ultrasound to make sure not ectopic. thankfully it wasnt in the tubes but i had a hemorrahic cyst and another cyst on my ovary but no sign of any pregnancy. i would have only been about 5 weeks 2 days today.. have barely had any spotting today .. my bidy confuses me so much..