Kelly • Kidney and pancreas transplant recipient pregnant with baby 2

Okay I will be 34 next month. E have a 4 year old now. We wouldn’t mind another child. Anyways, was supposed to start period on January 27, here it is February 18 and no full period. On February 11 I had bright red spotting/light flow. Needed a tampon but only for a day. Then heavy cm since, now watery cm. Took test Saturday morning and BFN! But, symptoms just keep adding up and increasing. Like the blue veined breasts do pains. I thought negative test so, I was exercising earlier, doing lunges and the such. Within a few minutes later, I had cramping. Felt like fist contractions when I was having my daughter. Anyways, I am so confused as to what’s going on. I posted the test in another thread, and everyone agreed negative.

I am not wishing pregnancy so hard that I am making up symptoms. As, the only reason I even started to think pregnancy was the late period. And we did have sex around the time of O