Please help!


Its probably not the right place to post this but i really dont know at this point if its BFP or BFN.

I had AF on Jan 28 to Feb 1, 2018 however it was shorter the usual. I was testing my LH and since Feb 10, 2018 until Feb 14 it was a big strong positive like testing line was really beyond darker then the control line.

So In another post someone suggested to take a HcG test and i did .

I tested on Feb 15, Feb 16, Feb 17. The line is always the exact same like its not changing

The pictures below are from my Feb 17 test.

Ps: i had a ectopic in August 2017 and it was terminated with methotrexate in Oct 2017.

Should i be worried about another ectopic?!?

Should i even get a positive now if i had AF on Jan 28?!?

Please help me. Thank you.

The line in the picture above is actually pink not gray. I tried to take a better picture but its not working