Single parent


How hard is it being a single parent? I feel like I’ve failed because my daughter won’t have a dad and sometimes I feel like

It’s my fault but I know that’s not the truth. How do you cope with anger and low self esteem? This is all new to me... I thought I was going to have a family of 3 now it’s just me and my daughter, the dad left us the day she was born and it’s a long story. I’m living with my parents I’m 26 years old I feel like I’m starting all over. I don’t have a job to be able to live on my own and even if I did I wouldn’t be able to afford rent. I’m currently working on myself I guess you can say. Applied to a few local jobs.I’m very close to finishing my associates degree and maybe things will get better for me and my daughter from there. Has anyone been in my shoes? This is the only place I feel I can vent and let my feelings out...

UPDATE 02/28

I went to family court Monday and talked to a mediator. I got full/sole custody of my daughter my ex has visitation twice a week for 2 hrs. We both have legal rights to her regarding doctors visits or emergencies but thats about it, everything else is up to me. The mediator put on the agreement that he has to go to anger management for 8 weeks and must stay away from drugs at all times.- But I know he won’t. I plan on letting him see his daughter next weekend, my dad will be supervising the visit. Also his mom wants to come over to see the baby tomorrow March 1, I don’t like her because she was two faced with me. The day my daughter was born she told my ex to go get a dna test if he wasn’t sure it was his because she was white and not brown and because she didn’t have his toes she had mine. Then next court date is March 26 at 9:00 am the judge will go by our agreement and possibly decide some other things like child support- I’m not sure since I’ve never gone thru this. I’m happy with the outcome. I get a fresh new start. Ive been seeing an emotional support therapist and has helped me a lot and I am continuing therapy. I will keep you all updated and thank you for your kind comments and support!